I value the freedom and privacy of my guests

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I make a point of not wasting a single second with paperwork and bureaucracy.

And no paper consumption, of course. So I chose to automate the touch points of arrivals and departures: with self check-in and digital keys each person can enter and leave independently, without the need to download any apps or print anything out. Here everything is digital, technological, automated, everything is in favour of your time. And if for any reason you need to contact me, don't worry: after booking you will receive my phone number and you can call me whenever you want.

Oggetti sul letto con lenzuola bianche. Cartellino non disturbare dell'hotel a foggia mamaco, valigia aperta con una macchinetta fotografica e una giacca a fiori e cuffie wireless.

How your stay will work

Your vacation stars now:


Book your stay

Book directly on my website by entering a valid email address that you will use.


Pay conveniently and securely

Use your credit card in total security.


Self check-in

After completing your booking you will receive an email to check in online.


Access the hotel independently with your smartphone.

You will receive the access link by e-mail after completing self check-in.

I will wait for you

Tell me when you want to visit and which room you prefer, I will surprise you.

Una camera di hotel al tramonto con mascherina per occhi e rivista sul letto